Enviro, Character and Item Design of TD, Arcade and other Game scenes/ Plansze i assety graficzne enviro, postaci, przedmiotów do gier typu Tower Defence, Arkadowych i inne

  • Role graphic artist
  • For BAAD Games, CHV’OK Studio, Planktovision, Dream Games, Polished Games
  • Type 2D arts for iOS, Android Games and other platforms- all rights reserved

SAKIS (PC) – platform game (demo reealised 2014) – CHV’OK Studio

Chicken Fly! (Android) - Splash Screen - BAAD Games

Greek TD (iOS) - 2D Concept Artwork - Planktovision

Lew Leon (PC and mobile platforms) - 2D graphic assets - reissue of famous game - Plata Games and Xipogames

Big Feet TD (iOS) - 2D Concept Artwork: compilled asssets - Dream Games

2D Concept Artwork: Character Design